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Brave the Darkness and uncover the Light.

Embark on an epic adventure through the mystical realm of Donum, where you'll encounter enigmatic Aspects and race against the clock to challenge the darkness shrouding the land. Your courage and determination will lead you to unveil the hidden light that can change the fate of Donum forever. Prepare to awaken the hero within and embark on an extraordinary quest in the captivating world of Soul Spires: Initium!

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Choose from three starting races: Dryadalis, Eldenguard or Serra. Delve deep into their tales as you harness the elemental might of the nine Divine Aspects, mastering their extraordinary powers.

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Wield one of nine distinct weapon types, each varying in complexity and difficulty. Experience heart-pounding exhilaration with every step, as you encounter boundless surprises and conquer strategic challenges in an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

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Shape your fate within an unparalleled open-world rogue-like adventure! Harness the might of 9 Aspects to unleash your dormant abilities. Stay tuned for the release and prepare to embrace the exhilarating might of elemental forces. Sign up for updates today!

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